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Jonathan Castro's Automatic Niche Store Generator
Jonathan Castro's Automatic Niche Store Generator
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Review By: Carlos
I used to sell truckloads of goods on ebay and made good money at it. One day during a slow week of inventory, I was browsing through ebay looking at the same items for sale that I had been selling. I was stunned – So many of them had sold for much less than mine did! I looked into this further and found all sorts of reasons why. Then it became clear! Why should I keep trying to find more things to sell on ebay when they’re right there in front of me? So I began doing Arbitrage and soon forgot about looking outside ebay for anything else to sell on ebay. Now, Everything I Sell on eBay, I Bought on eBay – For Less! Check this article out!
Date: 2013-2-4

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